HempWorx CBD

  • 750mg of active CBD
  • Available in three flavors – Cinnamon, Natural and Peppermint
  • Non-GMO, organic, domestically grown CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD – we use the “Whole Plant”


Over the last several months I have been experimenting with several different companies that supply CBD oil, creams, etc.  I have finally decided on what I feel is the best product on the market!

Harley, my GSP, was having issues with very dry, flaky skin – actually losing his fur!  Well, I started adding several drops of CBD oil to his food – within a week his skin was clear and his fur was shiny!!  No more scratching!!

I have hit the magic age of having sleep issues, arthritis pain, etc.  Again, after about a week of taking the CBD oil, I sleep like a baby!  I find this truly amazing!

Check out my website for more information, and I will be posting more informative articles on the benefits of the creams, oils, and sprays.

PS: My husband has been experimenting also with the oil and creams – especially noticeable is he is also sleeping through the night!!! AMAZING!


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