How To Sell Your Home With Photos

architecture-clouds-daylight-259588Listing photographs = first impressions.

According to Florida Realtor Magazine it takes 3 seconds to make an impression online. While some people recommended agents hire a professional photographer for listing photographs, it may not always be an option. You might be a new agent or maybe you just enjoy taking your own photographs! Follow these 5 tips for awesome real estate photographs:

  1.  Take the pictures in sequence – start at the front door so you don’t confuse a potential buyer with the layout of the house.
  2. The house should be clutter free – let the potential buyer imagine his/her belongings in the house
  3. Use the natural light of the house by opening the curtains and turning on lights.
  4. Shoot the exterior of the house at an angle, showing depth of the house and do not include outside obstructions in the picture.
  5. Take a lot of photographs. You can pick and choose the best ones later.

Remember, great pictures will make the home sell faster!

Check out the blog Bad MLS Photos for some entertaining examples of “bad” listing photographs.8310_FLBoysRanchint&ext-34

Kathy Entler, Sales Associate at Optima One Realty in Clermont, Fl. Contact her for all your Central Florida real estate needs! 


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